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10. How to Say “I’m Sorry” in Swedish

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Posting in Swedish? Leave a translation. It's good practice and helps others.


Hi listeners!

What kind of body gestures and movements that are considered quite rude in your country? Let’s share in here!


Hej Adolf,
I Stockholm pratar nästan alla högt i telefon på tåg och bussar. (In Stockholm, almost everyone speaks loudly while on the phone on trains and buses.) Jag tycker också att det är oartigt. (I think it’s rude too.)

Ha det bra!

avatar Adolf

Inom den offentliga, högt med din telefon ( In public, loudly with your phone ) :unamused:


Hej Anders!

Thank you for you comment and the additional insight you have provided!

Ha en bra dag! (Have a nice day)

/Satsuki Team

avatar Anders

Giving the middle finger is indeed extremely rude. Do not ever do that.

However, many gestures that are considered rude in other cultures, such as making an O with your thumb and index finger, flipping a V with your palm towards you, or slapping one arm while making a fist are totally uncontroversial in Sweden. The bird is pretty much the only provocative gesture.


Hello Kvinnan Skratta,

Thank you for your comment.
Giving the finger is a rude hand gesture well known nowadays.


avatar Kvinnan Skratta

Giving folk the finger!