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Lesson Transcript

Hej, jag heter Elin. Hi everybody! I’m Elin.
Welcome to SwedishPod101.com’s “Svenska på tre minuter”. The fastest, easiest, and most fun way to learn Swedish.
In the last lesson, we learned how to use the verb att göra which means "to do" in Swedish.
In this lesson, we will learn how to use att gilla, a very delightful Swedish verb, which is also the third verb in our series dedicated to the most common Swedish verbs.
Att gilla means "to like" in Swedish, so in this lesson we are going to see how to use it correctly. Let’s go! Låt oss börja!
Imagine you are in a restaurant with your friend and he or she asks you Gillar du ost?
This means "Do you like cheese?".
So supposing you like it, you can answer Ja, jag gillar ost.
[slowly] Ja, jag gillar ost.
So let’s break down this answer.
First we had-
Ja which is simply "Yes."
Then jag which is "I" in Swedish. After this we had gillar, which is the present tense form of the verb att gilla.
Finally we had ost which means “cheese”.
So all together it is Ja, jag gillar ost.
You can use this verb with other verbs in infinitive form as well, to express that you like performing an action. Say you like climbing. In Swedish you would say it like jag gillar att klättra.
[slowly] jag gillar att klättra.
Here, att klättra means “to climb”. Make sure the verbs after gillar are in the infinitive form with the att article in front of them.
You can use this verb towards a person as well, just like in the English phrase “I like you”.
jag gillar dig.
[slowly] jag gillar dig.
Now of course this doesn’t come close to the verb att älska “to love”, but it does show a certain affection towards the other person. Att gilla can be used when you are at the stage where you don’t quite want to say “I love you”.
If you want to say “I love you” just change the verb att gilla with the verb att älska. Att älska is the most romantic verb in Swedish and has more or less the same uses as in English. To say jag älskar dig “I love you”, is the most romantic sentence you can say to someone.
Now it’s time for Elin’s Insights.
Att gilla is sort of bland if you want to express how much you really like something. As in English, using “I love chocolate!” is a much stronger way of expressing your feelings towards chocolate, so try using the word älskar with things you really like!
In this lesson, we learned how to use the verb att gilla or att älska depending on the degree of your love!
Next time we’ll learn another very useful verb, att komma.
Do you know what this Swedish verb means? I’ll be waiting for you in the next Svenska på 3 minuter lesson.
På återseende!


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Friday at 6:30 pm
Pinned Comment
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Hi listeners! What do you like in Sweden?

Team Swedishpod101.com
Saturday at 1:25 am
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Hej Kristaps,

Haha, ja du har rätt, det låter roligt. (Yes you're right, that does sound funny.) :laughing:


Team Swedishpod101.com

Wednesday at 11:08 pm
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Hej där,

Jag tycker att åka med cyckel. Jag gillar det. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Men det at roligt att säga att man "äter damsugare" :sob::smile::thumbsup:

Tack o hej

Monday at 11:39 pm
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Hej Krisz,

Jag tycker också om att åka till nya platser. (I like to go to new places too.)

Vad tycker du om för platser? (What kind of places do you like?)

Natur eller storstäder? (Nature or big cities?) :innocent:


Team Swedishpod101.com

Monday at 5:03 am
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Jag tycker om vara en mamma.

Monday at 2:22 am
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Jag gilla att gå på nya platser.

Friday at 10:06 pm
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Hello Moly,

Thank you for your comment!

You can find quizzes under the video at the 'Review' section to test your skills.

Let us know if you have any further questions.



Team SwedishPod101.com

Thursday at 10:17 pm
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Har ni övningar på swedishpod101.com?? Jag behöver att testa min nivå än så länge, men jag vet inte hur kan jag gör det :/


Friday at 4:56 pm
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Hej Bonnie!

Great work!

I also like damsugare, i think it goes very well with coffe.

One thing that might be good to know is that you in Swedish cannot use the verb "att ha" (to have) when talking about something to drink as you would in English. In Swedish you would instead use "att ta" (to take) or "att dricka" (to drink). This more specifically mean that you can either say "Jag äter en damsugare och tar en kopp kaffe" or "Jag äter en damsugare och dricker en kopp kaffe".

As for your question about the verbs "att gilla", "att tycka om" and "att trivas", I would say that "att gilla" and "att tycka om" mean the same thing and can therefore be used interchangeable when you talk about an object you like. "Att trivas" is instead used when we talk about enjoying something as having a durable sense of satisfaction or comport. This more specifically means that it sometimes can be used in a way that correspond with "to like" as in sentences "Jag trivs med att arbeta som läkare" (I like working as a doctor) but it can also correspond to "to enjoy" in sentences like, "Jag trivs med mitt jobb" (I enjoy my job).

Hope you'll find my explanation helpful!

Keep up the great work!


Satsuki Team SwedishPod101.com

Tuesday at 1:46 am
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Jag äter damsugare ('vacuum cleaners"-the sweets with the green stripe down the middle) och har en kopp kaffe. "I eat "vacuum cleaners" and have a cup of coffee. Vad är skillnad mellan "att gillar", "tycka om" och "trivs"? Is it all differences of "to like"?

Monday at 3:53 pm
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Hej Bonnie!

Thank you for sharing and great work with creating that sentence.

It's nice you like "fika" and I guess Sweden is really a country for you then!

Just remember to use "och" (and) after the word "gå" in your sentence. So instead of writing "Jag gillar att gå fika med vänner." you would write "Jag gillar att gå och fika med vänner.

What do you usually eat when going for a fika with your friends? Maybe you could try to answer in Swedish?

Keep up the great work!


Satsuki Team SwedishPod101.com