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Lesson Transcript

Hi everybody, welcome to SwedishPod101! It's time for a new lesson in Swedish. I'm Hanna, talking to you today from Sweden. I'm actually in Sweden's biggest island called Gotland right now, it's a very beautiful place, I hope you got a chance to come here sometimes.
Today's topic is going to be 10 Ways to Save the Planet in Swedish. I don't know if saving the planet looks different in Swedish but at least we would talk about it differently, so that's what we're gonna go through today. Let's get started!
1. att återvinna "to recycle"
Vi återvinner all glas och plast. "We recycle all glass and plastic."
Yeah, we are actually quite good at recycling in Sweden, that's something most people do, and most people have these containers in their homes in the kitchens, and then they separate different materials and their different bins. Usually, in every community, most apartment buildings have those bins so it's really easy to recycle in our Swedish system.
2. att volontärjobba "to volunteer"
Att volontärjobba kan vara en nyttig livserfarenhet. "To volunteer can be a healthy life experience."
I certainly believe that if you do some volunteering, you're not only benefiting, I mean you're not only helping the planet, you're also benefiting yourself from what you learn and see. So that's a nice experience, and also a good way to help in saving the planet. So, a big recommendation to you. I've done some volunteering myself and it was really fun.
3. att skydda "to protect"
Vi köper miljövänliga produkter för att skydda miljön. "We buy eco-friendly products to protect the environment."
Maybe there are different products in different countries, depending on where you live. But at least in Sweden, we have a lot of eco-friendly groceries and clothes and products these days. I guess that the demand is higher, more people are looking for eco-friendly products. So, I hope you find that in your country as well. A good way to help saving the planet.
4. att återanvända "to reuse"
Några återanvändningsbara material är gummi, jeans och regnvatten. "Some reusable materials are rubber, jeans, and rain water."
I'm actually wearing a pair of jeans right now so I hope that they will be reused somehow someday, maybe someone else would use them after me, or maybe the materials can be reused and turn into something else.
5. att bevara "to conserve"
Vi måste bevara regnskogen och naturen. "We have to conserve the rainforest and nature."
I care about most things about our planet but the rainforest, I don't know if you ever been to one, it's truely magical, so many species live in there and it's so green and lush, and I found it really really sad that we might not have those in the future unless we help in conserving them. So let's all try and do that.
6. att ta hand om miljön "to care for the environment"
Det är viktigt att lära barn att ta hand om miljön. "It's important to teach children to care for the environment."
Also something I believe we are quite good at in Sweden, I remember learning how to recycle and how to save water and be careful with the environment in school. That was a while ago but I hope that we're still good at, you know, schools teaching our kids that. And that we're getting better because there's a lot more work to do.
7. att använda miljövänliga produkter "to use eco-friendly products"
Vi använder alltid miljövänliga produkter som till exempel tvättmedel och shampoo. "We always use eco-friendly products such as detergent and shampoo."
I try to use eco-friendly products as much as I can but I think those, like, chemical products, like, products you use for your hair, maybe if you use makeup or toothpaste, chemical products, I think are extra important to use eco-friendly products. Because they go out in our waters, so, that's something I try to think about extra.
8. förnybar energi "renewable energy"
Jag hoppas att vi i framtiden enbart kommer att använda förnybar energi. "I hope that in the future we'll only use renewable energy."
Well, I think we're moving towards that, don't you? Electric cars, for example, I think, is something that more and more people will use. And in Sweden, there's a lot of, for example, we use the sun or the wind or waves or water to create renewable energy instead of nuclear power, for example, or coal, a lot of sources that are not so good, and then there are some renewable energy sources. So that's something we will have to change for saving our planet.
9. att minska sopor "to reduce trash"
Vi kan minska sopor genom att använda material som kan återanvändas. "We can reduce trash by using reusable materials."
Yeah, you just learned a few of them, like jeans, rubber, and rainwater, but there are a lot of other materials that can be reused, and there are ways to consume products that are reusable in a way. So good thing to look for.
10. att spara energi "to save energy"
I vårt hushåll spar vi energi genom att släcka onödiga lampor."In our household, we save energy by turning off unnecessary lamps."
Again, another easy thing to do, turn off the lamps when you're not in the room. Easy, doesn't hurt anyone, it's not an extra effort except for that little switch on the wall. So good thing to remember.
Okay, that was 10 Ways to Save the Planet in Swedish! Come to Sweden and talk about saving the planet might be a good conversation starter and an interesting topic. I hope you learned a few useful phrases and maybe you find a favorite way of helping saving the planet, and you can get started on it today. Remember to turn off the light when you leave Sweden. Looking forward to seeing you next time. Bye-bye!s