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Lesson Transcript

Hi everyone! I'm Hannah, talking to you from a very summery and beautiful Sweden. And today we're going to talk about 10 Things to Do in the Summer in Sweden. I have a lot of ideas already, but let's see what we'll learn from today's lesson.
1. att resa utomlands "to travel abroad"
Vår familj åker utomlands två veckor varje sommar. "Our family travels abroad two weeks every summer."
Honestly, when I was a kid we didn't travel abroad that much; and when we did, we traveled to Denmark and Norway, also very beautiful countries up here in the north. But now that I'm a little bit older and make my own decisions regarding traveling, I actually travel more than 2 weeks every summer. It's a luxury to travel, I think.
2. att slappa på stranden "to relax at the beach"
Att slappa på stranden och läsa en bok är det bästa som jag vet. "To relax on the beach and read a book is the best thing I know. "
Honestly, I'm a bit too restless to read on the beach for too long, but I love doing that for a while. And when we have beautiful summer days like that in Sweden, we can go to the cliffs and dive into the ocean, it's one of my favorite activities.
3. lär dig svenska med SwedishPod101.com "to learn Swedish with SwedishPod101.com"
And this one, of course, you already know, and you're already doing it.
Jag får inte glömma bort att lära mig svenska med SwedishPod101.com. "I can't forget to learn Swedish with SwedishPod101.com"
I hope you're not forgetting that, as you're watching this video, I'm assuming you're up to it at this moment. So, good job!
4. att lära sig laga Svensk mat "to learn to cook Swedish food"
Min syster har tagit lektioner för att lära sig att laga svensk mat. "My sister has taken classes to learn how to cook Swedish food."
To be honest, Swedish food is not my favorite cuisine but we have a lot of amazing barbecues in the summers, so that's one of my favorites. But, we have a few good dish, so, come over here and try some.
5. att grilla "to have a barbeque"
Många svenska familjer grillar nästan varje helg på sommaren. "Many Swedish families have barbeques almost every weekend in the summer."
And this is true, in every garden, every balcony, everywhere, there will be families having a barbecue everywhere, and it's delicious. So I hope you get invited to a barbecue party sometimes in Sweden.
6. att festa hela natten "to party all night"
Ungdomarna festar hela natten medan den äldre generationen slappar på balkongen. "The youngsters party all night while the older generation relaxes on the balcony."
This might be true but sometimes it might be the only generation partying, maybe not all night, but partying for sure. And since Sweden is cold in the winter, we have a lot of amazing outdoor parties where you can stay up all night during the summer. So this one is true.
7. att få en solbränna "to get a tan"
Det är viktigt att få en solbränna innan semestern tar slut. "It's important to get a tan before your vacation is over."
I don't know if I agree on this but a lot of people are out in the sun a lot to tan before the vacation, when coming back to work, having to sit indoors, they want to show off with a tan. So, I guess it's true.
8. att vandra "to go hiking"
Norra Sverige har vackra platser att vandra på. "Northern Sweden has beautiful places to go hiking in."
And this is true, also. I was in Northern Sweden about 2 years ago, it's very far up from where I lived to the north, so it's quite... it's a long travel, even though it's the same country but it's very beautiful. A lot of mountains, sometimes even snow in some places during the summer. So, very different from here, very beautiful.
9. att ha kul med vänner "to have fun with friends"
Alla barn väntar på sommarlovet så att de kan ha kul med sina vänner. "All the children are waiting for summer vacation so that they can have fun with their friends."
And this is true for sure. In Sweden, we actually have 10 weeks of holiday when you're in school when you're a kid, not the adults, but the kids. And this is an amazing time from what I remember, it felt like an eternity. So I'm pretty sure that all the kids are longing for the summer vacation every year.
10. att ha ett deltidsjobb "to work a part-time job"
Jag har inte tid att festa, jag har ett deltidsjobb varje helg. "I don't have time to party, I have a part-time job every weekend."
Well, for me, working full-time, I don't have a part-time job, too. But as a student, I did for sure had a part-time job, sometimes during the weekends. This is a good way of earning extra money and then maybe it's hard to stay up and party. Too bad, but I hope everybody gets some good parties now and then too.
So, go out and enjoy your summer, I hope you started longing for traveling to Sweden sometimes because it's very amazing in the summer. See you in the next lesson. enjoy the summer!