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Lesson Transcript

Hi, all of you Swedish learners! I'm Hanna and it's time for another lesson in the Swedish language, and today we're going to talk about words you'll need to know for the beach!
It's the summertime in Sweden and there is a lot of people going to the beach, so this is gonna be very good timing and I hope it's gonna be a fun lesson for you. Let's start!
1. solglasögon "sunglasses"
Glöm inte dina solglasögon! "Don't forget your sunglasses!"
As you can see, I have mine on so I'm ready for the beach. Just gonna pack my, like, a towel and some more stuff before I go there and I'm ready.
2. strand "beach"
Idag ska vi hänga på stranden. "Today we're going to chill at the beach."
I'm not, unfortunately, but during this weekend I'm definitely gonna go to the beach if the weather keeps being this good. Looking forward to that.
3. att simma "swimming"
Att simma är bra för hälsan. "Swimming is good for the health."
It is indeed, if you swim a lot and if you just stay swimming. And don't go like under the water here I guess that's not so good for your health but swimming is a very good exercise and very good for your body and fun, I think.
4. sol "sun"
Solen är stark, bränn dig inte. "The sun is strong, don't get burned. "
Yeah, for us with pretty pale skin and with long winters up here in Scandinavia, it's quite easy to get burned when all of a sudden we have this beautiful weather with sunshine and spend a lot of time outdoors. So that's something to be careful about for sure.
5. palm "palm tree"
Sandstrand och palmer så långt ögat når. "Sand beaches and palm trees as far as the eye can reach."
We don't have palm trees up here in Sweden but i know that they are very common further south, and it's a beautiful setting when you have a beach with a palm tree for sure, but don't come to Scandinavia to look for palm trees because we don't have them.
6. snäckskal "seashell"
Barnen plockar släckskal. "The children are collecting seashells."
This is something we have in Sweden and this is something I did as a kid for sure, collecting seashells are really beautiful, I think, and interesting to study the different kinds.
7. baddräkt "swimsuit"
Jag använder inte baddräkt så ofta. "I don't use a swimsuit very often."
I guess instead of a swimsuit you can wear a bikini or maybe some shorts or something like that for swimming, so there there are different options for taking a dip in the waters.
8. hav "ocean"
Havet är lugnt och stilla idag. "The ocean is calm and still today."
I haven't been to the ocean today so I'm not sure, but usually here I'm on the west coast of Sweden and it can be quite wild waters and still water too some day. So it can change a lot here on the coast.
9. livvakt "lifeguard"
Livvakterna håller koll på barnen. "The lifeguards are keeping an eye on the kids."
It's very good at beaches where they have lifeguards usually here in Sweden, we don't, people like to go to pretty small beaches here, we have a lot of small beaches and not those, like, huge city beaches, we don't really have them. But lifeguards are good for sure and something we have in some places.
10. vattenscooter "jet ski"
Jag hoppas vi kan åka vattenscooter. "I hope we can go on the jet ski."
Actually, I never tried jet skiing. It's not something I would do on a regular day on the beach but I hope I get to try that sometimes, and maybe you've tried? Seems very fun.
11. badhandduk "beach towel"
Tog du med dig badhandduken? "Did you bring your beach towel?"
Especially when it's a bit cold like maybe windy in the air, and you go swimming I think a towel is really nice to have when you get up. If it's super sunny and warm maybe you can like dry in the sun but the towel is good to remember when you go to the beach for sure.
12. solstol "beach chair"
Jag har två solstolar till barnen. "I have two beach chairs for the children."
Sounds really nice with a beach chair, I'm not sure if the children would sit still in a beach chair for too long, there's so much to play with on the beach, but a nice extra thing to bring if you plan on a day by the waters.
13. sandslott "sand castle"
Ska vi bygga ett sandslott? "Should we build a sand castle?"
Maybe something you did as a kid, but I must say it's also really fun to do as an adult, to build a sandcastle. I usually get a bit restless when I'm on the beach sitting still for too long, so I can definitely enjoy building some sandcastles now and then, especially if there are kids there to play with as well.
14. kylbox "cooler"
Det finns läsk och öl i kylboxen. "There's soda and beer in the cooler."
Mmm that sounds super yummy, it makes me long for the beach something cold to drink and the warm sun. See if I have time for that this week because it sounds really tempting right now.
15. tidvatten "tide"
Tidsvattnet kommer in snart. "The tide will be coming in soon."
Some places, the tide can go really really fast, so that's something to be careful about so that you don't all of a sudden find yourself covered in water. I know that the waves can suddenly go very high up so something to remember, especially if you come from a place where there's not that much tide.
16. solbränna "tan"
Vilken snygg solbränna du fått! "What a nice tan you've gotten!"
Yes, I told you there is, it's very popular to get a tan in Sweden especially in the spring because we come from the winter when it's hard to get sun on your skin. People appreciate a lot getting a tan, maybe sometimes a bit too much, maybe they sit too much in the sun but we do complement each other on tans in Sweden for sure.
17. snorkling "snorkeling"
Vi har bokat en snorklingsutflykt. "We've booked a snorkeling excursion."
That's something really fun if you want to see what lives under the water and not just on the surface or on the beach, you can bring the goggles and go snorkeling. Super fun and a lot to see, and I would say, maybe the beach is not the best place but, like, further out from the strand so that you can see some animals and some vegetation under the water.
18. flip-flops "flip-flop"
Ha på dig flip-flopsen så du inte trampar på glas. "Keep your flip-flops on so you don't step on glass."
Might happen on the beach, that there are some people who throw away some bottles or something. Not something you should do, but you know, could happen, so bring those flip-flops and be careful.
19. solskyddskräm "sunscreen"
Sätt på dig solskyddskräm innan du går ner till vattnet. "Put on sunscreen lotion before you go down to the water."
Really important, you guys, because, yeah, you know, the Sun can be dangerous even if you're not careful with sunscreen especially if you have pale skin like me.
20. bikini "bikini"
Årets bikini-mode är väldigt häftigt. "This year's bikini fashion is very cool."
Yeah, nice to wear like a bikini or a swimsuit when you go swimming. I don't know if I keep up with the fashion that much but something that looks nice is always nice, right?

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