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Lesson Transcript

Hi everybody! Welcome to SwedishPod101.com. SwedishPod101, it's time to learn some more Swedish. It's summer in Sweden so it's a holiday for people who go to school and for most people who work as well.
So it's a good time to look into some words and phrases for going back to school.
Words and Phrases for Surviving Back to School is the topic of today's class.
Let's get started.
1. ryggsäck "backpack"
Är din ryggsäck tung? "Is your backpack heavy?"
Well, I actually brought a little backpack here, it's not super heavy because I just put it on as a fun thing for this class. So I didn't put much in it. But, backpack, ryggsäck.
2. klasskamrat "classmate"
Jag har en ny klasskamrat. "I have a new classmate."
You might not notice before you go back to school but people move around and maybe you'll be happy enough to have a new good friend and a new classmate in your class when you get back to school after the holiday, if you're on holiday. Most Swedish kids are on holiday.
3. läxa "homework"
Har du gjort klart läxorna? "Have you finished your homework?"
Since this is holiday I guess most kids don't have homework, and most students don't have homework. I certainly don't have any official homework because I don't study at this point, but there's always things to do that I consider kind of homework that needs to get done. So, practicing getting things done even when you don't have to is a good skill that I tried to practice, that I relate to homework from school.
4. tenta "exam"
Jag pluggar inför tentan. "I'm studying for the exam."
Actually, the word tenta is for university and higher education, it's not something kids would use in school, younger kids. It's more like adult education or teenage education. I think the proper word for younger kids would be either test, which you recognize from English "test" or prova, which also means "test," that's more like what they would call it. They wouldn't call it tenta. So that's a little insight on some different words we use in Swedish for "exams."
5. sommarlov "summer break"
Jag längtar efter sommarlovet. "I can't wait for summer break."
You might have noticed my voice got up a little bit there, like, sommarlov! Because it's such an amazing thing; here in Sweden when you go to school, you have I think 10 weeks of break, of summer holiday during the summer when you're in school. So that's always, like, the best time of the year, and especially when you're a kid, 10 weeks is like an eternity. So, I have so many good memories from sommarlov "summer break".
6. skola "school"
Ingen skola på tre månader. "No school for three months."
I guess those are the summer break, those 3 months, or maybe you take a gap semester, you have even more than few months. But I used to really like school, but still there's something about just having the time off and do whatever you want and just take a break from studies. I guess studies are, for me, it's fun, but challenging, and probably the same for all of us.
7. Vad är ditt huvudämne? "What is your major?"
In university you have a major, and maybe in high school, actually, you have a major, too, in Sweden. But in high school it's a little similar. I don't think, sometimes university makes like a super big difference. But it's fun to get to choose something more specific and maybe you'll even get rid of some classes that you don't like when you get to choose your major.
8. Har du gjort klart dina läxor? "Did you finish your homework?"
I always try to do my homework immediately, like immediately if I can, like immediately coming home from school or maybe even with friends before leaving because I found it so hard to get back to the books if I start playing or doing something else fun with friends. So maybe that's a little tip for you, a recommendation. Get them done as soon as possible. Maybe you've found a way to get your homework done, a way that makes it easier for you.
9. Vi är i samma klass! "We're in the same class!"
Maybe you have a friend from your neighborhood, from where you live, or from other activity or something, and you get back to school and you realize that you're in the same class this year. I mean, here in Sweden you don't change classes that often, you do like, I think after 5th grade and then after when you go to high school and change school and stuff, but during the younger years you don't change classes that often so it's usually the same people, but maybe now and then you get to find out that a friend is gonna be in your class next year. And of course, that's super fun, more time with friends.
10. Vilka kurser läser du? "What classes are you taking?"
This also, I think, I mean, when you're younger you don't get to choose the classes, but in university, and as you get older, you get to mix and match a little bit, maybe. Choose what you prefer, what you have most fun with, or what you need to reach a specific goal, maybe. And that's also a situation when you get to study with different people and kind of have a new class, like, new classmates for a little while, if you have different classes. Could be fun, could be challenging.
Ok, everybody, that was the end of today's class. I hope if you get back to school after this summer or like when you get back to school next time, or maybe you have friends or even kids of friends or something, maybe you know someone who's getting back to school, maybe you're lucky enough to know a Swedish person who is going back to school and you can use some of these phrases. I hope you have a good holiday, if you're on holiday, or a good time in school or at work. See you next time, and remember to comment, like, and subscribe to this video and head over to SwedishPod101.com to learn even more of this Swedish language. I'm not biased at all. Bye-bye!

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