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Lesson Transcript

Hi, everybody! I hope you look forward to your next Swedish lesson because it's coming up right now. And today we're gonna talk about something you might not look forward to as much and that is autumn. I mean, maybe, depends on where you live in the world. But in Sweden, we love summer so much and autumn is not, for most people, as fun. But it's a bit nice. Anyway, let's get started with 10 Must-know Autumn Words. Autumn vocabulary.
1. tjocktröja "sweater"
Ta av dig tjocktröjan. "Take off your sweater."
In the warm day, maybe a sweater is not necessary, so then remember to take it off, especially at the beginning of autumn. Actually, it literally means "thick sweater," like thick... Yeah, thick sweater, that's the meaning of the word, it's a combined word in Swedish. So the last part, tröjan, only means "sweater," and then to make sure that people understand that it's a thick warm sweater, you say tjocktröja.
2. regnig "rainy"
Det är en regning dag idag. "It's a rainy day today."
And right here, right now, it is a rainy day, actually. So I'm shooting this indoors. But we have a super dry summer this summer, so I think in Sweden, people appreciate the raining way more this year than before because it's been a very very dry summer, which is not good for crops and forests, and stuff like that.
3. blåsig "windy"
Vad blåsigt det är. "It's windy."
In the autumn, weather can be really annoying sometimes, a lot of wind, a lot of rain, and as you know, the weather is always good conversation starter so here's another one, "windy."
4. sval "cool"
Det är svalt på kvällen. "It's cool in the evening."
In autumn, I think it can be cool or kind of cold, not just in the evening but all day. So put on that extra sweater that we talked about and be prepared, because in Sweden, if it's really sunny, it can be warm; but then the air will still be chilly and cold. So when the sun sets, which happens earlier in autumn, it can get cool, chilly, or even cold.
5. höst "autumn"
Hösten kommer snart. "Autumn is coming soon."
I don't know, I'm from a place that is very used to the seasons, like summer, autumn, winter, spring, so I kinda appreciate the change. Like, autumn, for me, is the time of the year when a lot of new things happen, like, maybe, you could start studying a new program or start a new work, or new courses or new school. So it's eventful and productive, and I kind of enjoy that after summer, which can sometimes be a bit more lazy, in a good way, but I enjoy the changes. It's part of, I guess, growing up with seasons.
6. kall "cold"
Det blir kallt fort på kvällarna. "It gets cold quickly in the evenings."
Yes, when the sun sets, here in Sweden, if it's been a sunny day and suddenly the sun is down, or maybe behind some trees or something, wherever you are, it gets cold quite fast. So in this kind of climate, we are dependent on the sun and it's really important to bring something to wear if you're gonna be out for a couple of hours because it can change quite dramatically when the sun sets in the evenings.
7. kastanj "chestnut"
Plockar ni kastanjer? "Do you pick chestnuts?"
I love chestnuts. I think they're like part of, they're like a treasure. I know they don't last if you bring them in, they get, what do you call it, they're not as nice. Like, when they're not fresh anymore. But I love how soft they are, how beautiful they are when you find them on the ground. So it's like a little treasure of nature, I believe. And it's especially beautiful how they are inside the prickly sharp shell, and you find this nuts, it's really beautiful.
8. långärmad tröja "long-sleeved shirt"
En långärmad tröja är lagom idag. "A long-sleeved shirt is enough for today."
Temperature changes a lot, maybe a long-sleeved shirt to put on or maybe a thicker sweater for later. Wear layers, that's something we do in Sweden and we say a lot, to always bring layers so you can put on a little bit more or take something off. If the sun is out, it can be really warm, and in the night, or when the sun is down, it can be really cold. So it's a lot of changes.
9. fallande löv "falling leaves"
De fallande löven är så vackra. "The falling leaves are so beautiful."
I think this is one of the most well-known aspects of autumn, like the beautiful colors of the trees, especially the maple trees. Red, gold, red-yellow, orange, super coloful and if it's like a sunny day, it's maybe the most beautiful day sometimes in the autumn. I remember as a kid, sometimes in preschool, we used to pick them up, the beautiful leaves, we make a crown or some kind of artwork that you can put on the wall. It's so beautiful.
10. löv "leaf"
De röda löven är vackrast. "The read leaves are the most beautiful."
I think it's the mix of leaves, like the mix of colors, I mean. Red, orange, yellow, that makes the whole beauty. If all leaves are red it won't be as cool as all the mix fire colors that trees get in the autumn.
And that, my friends, was the end of the 10 Must-know Autumn Vocabulary Words. Now you know how to talk about the weather during autumn, and the events that happen during autumn, like falling leaves and colors of the leaves, and temperature and clothes and stuff like that. Maybe that makes you a little bit prepared for going to Sweden in autumn. It's beautiful, as well. I hope you don't get too much rain though if you come during the autumn, sometimes we have a little too much rain, in my opinion.
I hope you enjoy this lesson, and I look forward to seeing you in our next lesson. Bye, everybody!


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