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Lesson Transcript

Hi, everybody! I'm Hanna, talking to you from Sweden, it's a pretty nice day here. It might look a bit like autumn around here, but it's actually still summer, but we had a very dry summer so there are some dry dead leaves around so to me, it looks a bit like autumn already, despite that it's really warm.
Anyway, let's get started with today's lesson. Today, we're gonna talk about 10 Gift Ideas You Must Know in Swedish.
So, 10 words for gifts, I don't know if the receiver has to be... if it matters what language they speak, but at least if you go shopping for gifts, you'll know what to ask for in Swedish in Sweden.
So, let's start.
1. bärbar dator "laptop"
Har du en bärbar dator eller en surfplatta? "Do you have a laptop or a tablet?"
So I think we start off with a quite big gift to give to someone, a laptop or a tablet is usually quite expensive. But I would be super happy to get one, so, really good gift but maybe that's for someone really special if you give someone something that expensive.
2. parfym "perfume"
Köp inte parfym! "Don't buy perfume!"
I think perfume is something quite unique to everybody what they like, but maybe if you really like someone, and know someone, perfume is a good gift because then you know what they like. But it might be hard to find that perfect scent if you don't know someone really well. So can be a tricky gift, but appreciate it if you found the right one.
3. bok "book"
Böcker uppskattas alltid. "Books are always appreciated."
I do read a lot, so I'd really appreciate books as gifts, if the person who gives it to me knows what I like. Because there are many books there are people, maybe more, maybe less? I don't know. There are a huge amount of books out there anyway, and even in the bookstores, it's hard to find the right one. So maybe you can sneak and take a look in their bookshelf to find the best book to give someone, and maybe it's a good chance to give away a book in Swedish, or give that to yourself.
4. världskarta "world map"
Vi har en stor världskarta i vardagsrummet. "We have a large world map in our living room."
I always love maps. I love to see where I've been or where I want to go, like use them to dream. I don't have, I have like one of those globes in my living room that I love to look at despite that it's a quite, quite old one, but I like to watch the world and dream about my next travels.
5. kamera "camera"
Jag skulle vilja köpa en ny kamera. "I'd like to buy a new camera."
Here's something you can listen for talking about gifts. If someone say that they would like to buy a new camera, maybe get one for them and they would be really, really happy. But maybe this is also... I mean, some people are happy about the cameras in their cell phones. I'm not because I really like taking pictures. But if you want a really good camera, they're quite expensive. So tricky gift but amazing. If you find the right one.
6. smartphone "smartphone"
Jag önskar mig en smartphone. "I wish for a smartphone."
I think these days, at least in Sweden, if you say that you were looking for a new phone, you don't have to say smartphone, you just say phone, telephone, like the word for phone, and that's going to be enough because there's almost no one who has a phone in their house anymore. All we use is smartphones anyway. So usually you just say phone and people will assume that what you talk about is smartphone.
7. spelkonsol "game console"
Jag tycker inte om spelkonsoler. "I don't like game consoles."
I don't have anything against game consoles, but, I think this is something people who, really like games would like to get a new console. But then you should probably get them some games as well because only the game console doesn't really help for playing any games. So good gifts. I remember getting, receiving a game console with some games when I was like, maybe, 11 or 12 or something and it was the best Christmas ever. So good gifts, especially for kids or people like me who are still like kids on the inside.
8. ordbok "dictionary"
En ordbok skulle göra mina svenska studier lättare. "A dictionary would make my Swedish studies easier."
When I learned a language, I almost never use dictionaries anymore. I usually use books, like on the Internet, you know, there are some websites like google translate, of course, but also some other websites you can use to translate and find the right words and learn about them. But it's fun to look in a dictionary and look at the different words and it's also something nice to have in your bookshelf if you're practicing a language, to have that as a little reminder and memory in the bookshelf.
9. ett flyg till Sverige "a flight to Sweden"
Låt oss boka ett flyg till Sverige. "Let's book a flight to Sweden."
I love to travel, so speaking about gifts, giving me like a ticket, of course, it would take some planning to know that I can go, but that's probably the best thing you can give to me. And for someone who's never been to Sweden, of course it's like the best thing ever to maybe buy a trip for you and for them, and come over here together.
10. hundvalp "puppy"
Min son har önskat sig en hundvalp i tre år. "My son's wished for a puppy for three years."
I think when I was a kid, on my list of what I wished for, I've always had animals on top when I was a kid, because they're so cute. But then again, as a kid, you don't really think about all the work that's included. So especially if you buy it for your kids, think this through before buying a baby animal.
So this, my friends, was all the words in today's lesson - 10 gift ideas you must know in Swedish. Maybe you have some new ideas now, or you made your own little wishlist of things you'd like to get. See you next time. Bye-bye!