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Tuesday at 06:30 PM
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Tuesday at 03:41 PM
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Hej Victor!

I understand you! We should also keep in mind that Stellan is a bit older and has far more experience than Alexander :innocent:

Von Sydow is a Swedish name indeed!

It's a rare name, so therefore not even Swedes really know how to pronounce it.

It is commonly pronounced in Sweden as Max Fon Sydov

This is the best recording I could find


Haha! Well, Swedes are very up to date when it comes to American stars and movies as well, so they do have their fanbase! There are of course a lot of different opinions on them.

Have a great day!


Team SwedishPod101.com

Victor Ochoa
Sunday at 11:12 PM
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I'd take Stellan Skarsgรฅrd over Alexander Skarsgรฅrd any day, Stellan a far better actor with greater charisma and intelligence. Also, in film, you might have mentioned director Ingmar Bergman for the young people who are ignorant of him, and also actors Max von Sydow and Gunnar Bjรถrnstrand. How do Swedes pronounce Max von Sydow, by the way? and is it a Swedish name?

As for music, you've yet to mention Jens Lekman (!), whose last two albums Night Fall over Kortedala and especially I Know What Love Isn't are quite good.

I don't know if it's in your best interests, or that it behooves Sweden, to admit that Sweden knows anything about "Twilight, Lady Gaga, ... Beyoncรฉ, ... Kesha, [and] Justin Bieber. Twilight will soon be forgotten as a United States national embarrassment, as will the celebrities listed above. Yuck!