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Tuesday at 06:30 PM
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Let us know if you have any questions.

SwedishPod101.com Verified
Wednesday at 02:21 PM
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Hi Alan,

That's a very interesting question. Unfortunately, I'm not a vegetarian, or vegan so it's difficult for me to answer that question. There is a wide selection of ready made meals, but I'm not sure about the vegan selection. However, some guesthouses do have kitchens you can sometimes use. So it is also possible to cook yourself too, if you find the right kind of accommodation. There are also quite a few restaurants with good vegan food.

Sorry, I couldn't answer your question in more detail. ?


Team SwedishPod101.com

Thursday at 09:48 PM
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How do vegans and ovo-lacto vegetarians fare in Sweden? Do they have a wide choice of ready-made meals to be purchased in the grocery store?

Swedishpod101.com Verified
Saturday at 01:14 AM
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Hello Kay,

That's a really funny story! Falukorv is really popular in Sweden. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Team Swedishpod101.com

Wednesday at 12:15 AM
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The first meal I ever ate in Sweden was kyckling flygande Jacob!

I remember my boyfriend just picked me up from Copenhagen airport and we drove to Malmö and we stopped by to pick up some frozen dinners for me at the nearest Coop to his apartment.

I was so hungry and just chose some dinners based on the pictures. So...rice, peas, some creamy tomato-ey looking sauce and chicken meat. Sounds good enough. Sure there were some white lumps among the rice but I didn't think anything of it

and so I heated it and ate it...and bit into a...SURPRISE BANANA!?

I totally wasn't expecting that!

It's all good I guess; I managed to finish the meal but from then on I was on the look out for surprise bananas in my meals while I was in Sweden!

I really love the falukorv and always made it in stroganoff and ate it with rice and rödbetsallad is also a favourite.

SwedishPod101.com Verified
Monday at 01:16 PM
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Hej Kvinna Skratta!

Janssons frestelse could be described as something similar to potato gratin but you also add anchovies which gives the dish a salty taste. It is usually served at christmas.

I hope you will be able to try surströming, but it is more common to eat in the summer. I my self have never tried it because I cannot stand the smell.

The Swedish word for goat cheese is getost, so you know what to ask for.

Happy holidays!


Satsuki Team SwedishPod101.com

Kvinnan Skratta
Friday at 02:17 PM
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Vad betyder "Janssons frestelse"?

What's Janssons festelse? A simple dish?

ett enkelt skal

Sounds fishy to me. Or pickled which is what I love. Pickled herring or fish with cream!, onions and so yummy!

Very tempting! Mycket lockande.

Jag skulle ochså vilja prova i sverige matratt (skalen?) surströming på fika med knackebroden a hard crackerbread? ostget (ost av get), ost av far och pickled herring på frukost. Hur ar det "wild meat"?

My favorite is goat cheese.

I would love to try it! Reindeer meat, elk like venison? Vad kul! och intressant.

Ochsa, kottbullar med lingonsylt och gravad lax! Ahhh. Smaklig maltid! Very tasty meals?!

Also tempted to try the

SwedishPod101.com Verified
Sunday at 12:35 PM
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Hi Tommy!

Thank you for sharing your experience

I am pleased to hear that you enjoy Janssons frestelse, especially since it is one of my favorites as well. Actually, I very happy that Christmas is just around the corner, because it is one of the holidays when swedish people traditionally eat Janssons frestelse.

Keep up the good work!


Team SwedishPod101.com

Friday at 05:52 AM
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One of my first dishes in Sweden was Janssons frestelse :) Absolutely amazing for such a simple dish.



SwedishPod101.com Verified
Thursday at 01:05 PM
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Hi Mike!

Thank you so much for your comment.

Prinsesstårta is one of my favorite as well. I think you are very brave who wants to try surströming, since the smell usually put people off.

Keep up the good work!


Team SwedishPod101.com

Mike Deacon
Sunday at 03:37 AM
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Min favorit är Prinsesstårta men jag vill prova surströmming...

Man äter blodpudding i England också men kallar det "black pudding".

(my favourite is princess cake but I want to try surströmming...

people eat blodpudding in England but call it "black pudding")