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Lesson Transcript

Hej, jag heter Elin. Hi everybody! I’m Elin.
Welcome to SwedishPod101.com’s “Svenska på 3 minuter”. The fastest, easiest, and most fun way to learn Swedish.
In the last lesson, we learned how to use Swedish adjectives.
In this lesson we will start a series dedicated to the most common Swedish verbs, the ones you will hear all the time!
The first verb in our series will be ska, which means a lot of things, but for this lesson it means "to go". So let's go!
So imagine someone asks you Var ska du i helgen? That means "Where are you going this weekend?" in informal form.
So if you are going to a ski resort for example you will say jag ska till fjällen. [slowly] jag ska till fjällen.
So let’s break down this answer.
First we had...
jag ska which is "I am going to..."
It is the present tense form of the verb ska, "to go".
Then there is till which means “to” in Swedish.
Finally we had fjällen which is a noun that means “the mountains”.
So now, let’s explain these connecting words between jag ska "I go" and your destination. It largely depends on whether you're going to a place or an event. Places like fjället “the mountain,” landet “the countryside,” or stranden “the beach” are all marked with "till". On the other hand, if you are going to an event you will use på.
So if you are going to the Peace and Love Festival for example, You’ll say jag ska på Peace and Love.
[slowly] jag ska på Peace and Love.
Let’s see two more examples where you use till for places and på for events.
Jag ska till biblioteket. “I’m going to the library.”
Jag ska på en fest. “I’m going to a party.“
Now it’s time for Elin’s insights.
In Swedish if you want to ask where you and your friends are going, you will need to use the Swedish word for “we” -- vi.
Var ska vi? “where are we going?”
To which the answer could be...
Vi ska till simhallen “We are going to the swimming pool”
You can also make this a question by rephrasing the sentence like this-
Ska vi till simhallen? “Are we going to the swimming pool?”
So, in this lesson, we learned how to use the verb ska and to use correct linking words with it to talk about your destination.
Next time we’ll learn another very useful verb, att göra.
Do you know what this verb means? I’ll be waiting for you with the answer in the next Svenska på 3 minuter lesson.