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Lesson Transcript

Hej, jag heter Elin. Hi everybody! I’m Elin.
Welcome to SwedishPod101.com’s “Svenska på tre minuter”. The fastest, easiest, and most fun way to learn Swedish.
In the last lesson we learned the phrase Hur mycket kostar det? How much is it? In this lesson let’s see how we could answer that question by counting money in Swedish. In Sweden the currency is kronor.
Please pay attention to this word's pronunciation.
Let’s try to say prices in Swedish. Start by trying to say "26 kronor and 50 öre."
tjugosex kronor och femtio öre.
[slowly] 26 kronor och 50 öre.
Öre (cent) is the lowest Swedish currency value.
However as of 2012 the öre, which means “cent”) has been discontinued as a physical coin, and now only exists in digital currency, like credit cards or internet shopping. So, you will encounter öre on price tags and such.The two most common values of öre you will encounter is 50 and 90.
Let’s try another example:
"39 kronor och 50 öre."
trettionio kronor och femtio öre.
[slowly] trettionio kronor och femtio öre.
Get ready for the next example. This one is longer.
"199 kronor and 90 öre (cent)"
hundranittionio kronor och nittio öre.
[slowly] hundranittionio kronor och nittio öre.
That takes a lot of effort to say, doesn’t it! You can make it easier by not saying öre (cent) or kronor. Like this -
hundranittionio och nittio.
“hundred ninety nine and ninety”
This is actually the most common way to talk about monetary amounts. The word kronor is mainly used with even numbers like 10, 50, 100, 1000 and so on.
Now it’s time for Elin’s Insights.
You will most likely hear the last short form from shop clerks. It’s easier and quicker to use. Also remember that even though the öre doesn’t exist as a physical coin anymore, it does exist in prices. So when paying with cash you round up or down to the closest 1 krona.
Now that you know about currency, you should ask your friends in Sweden if they want to go shopping with you to practice these phrases! But first you’ll have to check if they have other plans or not. Do you know how to do that in Swedish? If not, I’ll see you in the next Svenska på 3 minuter!
Vi ses nästa gång!


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Hej Darly,

En krona är korrekt, för att krona är ett "common noun". ("En krona" is correct because "krona" is a common noun.) ?


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Wednesday at 12:36 PM
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Hej! Jag har en fråga. Vilket är korrekt: ETT krona eller EN krona?

Tack för svaret! Hej då!

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We're really happy that we can help you to learn Swedish. Where do you come from?

I have sent your question regarding the trial to my supervisors, they will get back to you soon.

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I really love to continue learning swedish with this website.

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I have recently come to sweden and I don't have enough money or credit card to pay monthly.

After the 7 days trial what can I do?