Lesson Transcript

What if you could immerse yourself in everyday conversations in your target language?
The small talk, talking about your plans, catching up with friends? With enough immersion, you would comfortably start speaking in that language.
How to immerse yourself in conversations so you can speak more?
Stick around.
In this quick guide, you'll discover
1.The best way to immerse yourself with our system
2. Which tools to use to speed up the language acquisition process, and much more.
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So, here's how you can start learning a language as a busy adult.
Immersion is simply surrounding yourself with the language anywhere you get to listen, read, speak, or write in the language, or a combination of a few or all of these skills.
The easiest way to start immersing yourself is through listening, and you can do just that with our system.
When you join, you automatically get a laid-out, step-by-step pathway of lessons to follow.
And in all those lessons, you learn a quick, practical conversation, whether talking about the weather, your day, your weekend, and much more.
Every word and grammar rule is broken down and explained by our teachers, so you understand everything by the end.
Now, imagine you got to listen to this conversation over and over.
You'd know all the words by heart, the grammar would come naturally to you, and you'd be able to speak perfectly.
Well, you can do just that with something called the dialogue track.
The dialogue track gives you just the conversation of the lesson, no translations, and you can use it to immerse yourself in the target language.
So if you're learning with our website, just play the dialogue tracks for immersion.
If you're learning with our app, you can set the dialogue tracks on autoplay.
Just go into the settings on the app, and in autoplay, make sure autoplay is on.
Turn on dialogue, turn off the other tracks, set play next lessons to on, and the app will do the rest for you.
Now immersion and listening to conversations on repeat is a great way to get the language stuck in your brain.
But if you want to speed up the process, you can also read along while you listen.
By reading along, you're engaging multiple skills and senses, which helps the language stick better.
And if you read out loud, you're now practicing speaking.
So to read along, just use the lesson transcript, which is 100% free for every lesson.
Or the line by line dialogue, which breaks down the conversation into individual lines that you can review one by one.
But the number one tip is to review often, because the language will only become natural to you after enough exposure.
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