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Today, traditional classrooms are no longer the only or even best place to learn a new language. More and more people are finding that they can easily learn a language just about anywhere they have a few minutes of spare time, including their daily commute to work. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the average American spends over 50 minutes a day commuting to and from work, or over 300 hours a year!
But rather than simply sitting in traffic and wasting the time, you can instead use your daily commute to literally learn a language in just a few short months! Our language learning program has developed specialized learning tools that you can use on your commute to and from work to master a language in your spare time.
What are some reasons traditional classroom settings just aren’t the best option for most people in today’s fast-paced world?
Difficulty Getting to and From Class
Learning on Someone Else’s Schedule
Very Expensive and May Cost thousands of dollars to Complete
Can Take Years to Finally Complete Classes and Learn the Language
The simple truth is that traditional classroom instruction is simply not a viable option for most people in today’s very fast-paced, time-starved world. Now let’s examine how you can learn a language faster, more easily, and at far less expense than traditional classes—all during your commute to work and back home again!
3 Reasons Your Daily Commute Can Help You Master a Language in the Next Year
On average, Americans spend more than 300 hours per year commuting. During the commute to and from work, over 6 hours a week is completely wasted. The time isn't used to help you reach any goals or objectives. But thanks to online language learning platforms with audiobooks and other resources that you can access during your commute, you can easily transform wasted time into progress towards learning a new language. With over 300 hours available annually, your daily commute could provide you with enough time to gain significant skills in a new language each and every year!
Increase Your Earning Potential While Commuting to Work
How would you like to transform all those spare commuting hours each week into more money for a new car, house, or even a dream vacation? According to research, someone making $30,000 per year can boost their annual income by $600 or more per year by learning a second language. Over the course of a lifetime, that's a significant amount! How? From work-at-home translation jobs to working overseas, there are many ways to leverage your second language into more money in your bank account! So instead of wasting your precious time, you can make your commute more productive (and eventually, profitable). The more languages you learn, the higher your income potential.
Repetition is Key to Mastering a New Language
Not sure if it’s practical to learn another language while commuting to and from work each day? Well not only is it possible, learning in your car on the way to and from work each day can actually help you learn and master any language quickly! The simple truth is that repetition is absolutely vital to truly internalizing and mastering any language. So, if you listen to audiobooks or even audio lessons on your commute to work and then repeat the same lesson on your commute home, the information is more likely to be “locked-in” to your long-term memory! Our Language Learning Program has been helping people learn and master language in the comfort of their home, during their daily commute, or any place they have a few minutes of spare time. Here are five features of our program that make it easy to learn a new language while commuting to and from work:
First, The Largest Collection of Audio Lessons on the Planet by Native Speaker Instructors
Every single week, native speaker instructors create new audio lessons. All lessons are short, to the point, and guaranteed to improve your mastery of a language.
Second, the Word of the Day
Simply exposing yourself to new information and vocabulary terms helps increase your fluency and mastery of your target language. So every single day, check out the Word of the Day and memorize it during your commute. It's a quick and easy way to boost your vocabulary every day.
Third, Daily Dose Mini-Lessons
Have a short commute to work but still want to make progress towards learning more than just vocabulary?
Not a problem! Our Daily Dose Mini-Lessons are 1 minute or less and are designed to improve your grammar, conversations, and pronunciation.
Fourth, All Content is Available on a Convenient Mobile App
You don’t need a PC or tablet to learn during your daily commute. Instead all of our lessons, tools, and resources are available 24/7 via our Mobile App.
That means you can access all of our audio lessons and other tools during your commute to work or any time you have a few spare moments!
Fifth, Audiobooks and Other Supplemental Resources
In addition to the world’s largest online collection of HD audio lessons,
our language learning program has several audiobooks to enhance your understanding and make it more convenient than ever to learn a language during your commute!
The average commute time of most Americans is over 300 hours each year and it’s the perfect opportunity to learn and master a new language. Use the “dead time” during your daily commute to learn a new language and potentially boost your lifetime earnings! Whatever your motivation, our language learning program has the tools and resources necessary to help you learn a new language each year during your commute to and from work.
So, if you’re ready to finally learn a new language the fast, fun and easy way, sign up for your free lifetime account by clicking on the link in the description. Signing up takes less than 30 seconds and you’ll start speaking from your very first lesson.
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