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Tuesday at 06:30 PM
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Did you get it right?

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Tuesday at 09:56 AM
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Hej Alan,

Each lesson also has the script, in both Swedish and English in case you miss some of the audio. It can sometimes be difficult to catch everything. I hope this helps. ?

Do you mean the example:

Det kommer bli soligt hela morgonen. På eftermiddagen kommer det dock bli molningt och det kommer att regna på kvällen. Regnet kommer att fortsätta hela natten till tidig morgon, då kommer solen titta fram igen.

It means:

We'll have sunny weather all through the morning. In the afternoon, though, it's going to get cloudy, and we'll have rain in the night. The rain will continue through the night until early tomorrow morning, when the sun will start coming out again.


Team SwedishPod101.com

Thursday at 02:47 AM
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Det första exemplet: I stället för ”Det kommer att….” vad säger hon?