Lesson Transcript

You want to understand real-life conversations in your target language, right?
Well, what if you could immerse yourself in conversations listen to them as much as you want like you would music and start understanding and speaking more of your target language?
Well, you can do all of this with The Dialogue Track
And in this video, you'll discover how the Dialogue Track (1) immerses you in the language, (2) helps you memorize conversations easily, and (3) gets you speaking more.
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First, What is the Dialogue Track?
The Dialogue track is a quick, 10-30 second audio track with just the conversation of the lesson.
Let's say you're doing a 5-minute lesson about ordering food at a restaurant. First, you hear a conversation. Then our teachers explain every grammar rule and translate every word. And by the end, you know what it all means.
Now, if you want to re-listen to that conversation, without retaking the whole lesson. That's where the dialogue track comes in.
It gives you just the conversation without any translations.
So, you can relisten to the conversation or download to review at a later time.
Second, Here's what makes the Dialogue Track so powerful.
First: You remember the conversations easier.
Just listen on repeat like you would with a song and the words, phrases, and grammar rules will stick better.
And the more you come back to re-listen, the better it will all stick.
Second: You improve your listening skills and can immerse yourself in the language. Imagine you finished 20 lessons, and you downloaded 20 dialog tracks to your phone, that's 20 conversations. Create a playlist and play those 20 tracks as you're going about your day.
You'll immerse yourself in the language and quickly improve your listening skills.
Third: You start to speak more of your target language. So, if you have 10, 20, or 100 dialogue tracks like that. Then you have 10, 20, or 100 conversations that you'll know inside out and that you can use in real life.
And as a result, you end up speaking more of your target language.
So, if you want to start understanding conversations. Take advantage of the Dialogue Tracks which are available inside every one of our audio lessons.
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