Lesson Transcript

Want to easily remember new vocab and phrases?
FACT: Everyone – beginners and advanced learners alike – forgets new words the first time they learn them.
So, what's the secret to remembering? What do SMART learners do?
They note them down and review them later.
And you can do this with our study tool, called the Word Bank… Your extended brain for language learning.
And in this video, you'll discover (1) how to save keywords and phrases, (2) how to review the words so that you never forget them, and (3) how to create your own printable vocabulary worksheets.
But first, if you don't yet have access to this tool and our lessons, just click the link down in the description and sign up for your free lifetime account right now.
First, What is the Word Bank?
The Word Bank is a Premium study tool and it is your personal language database…
…where you can save new words and phrases with a single click
… review them all in one spot, and never forget them.
Think of it as your extended brain for language learning.
Look for the Word Bank in the Vocabulary Dropdown menu on the Site.
Or inside the menu in our App.
So, how do you take full advantage of this powerful study tool?
2. How to save keywords and phrases
If you're taking a lesson and want to save key vocab...
...simply go to the vocabulary section...
...select the words you'd like to save...
...and click on "Add to Word Bank".
If you're using the Core Word List like the 2,000 Most Common Words...
or the Vocabulary Lists...
...select the words...
...go to "Add Selected Words" and click on Word Bank.
Now, the words and phrases are saved in your Word Bank.
And you can even organize the entries with labels like adjectives, verbs, or phrases.
3. How to Review The Words
Once you save the words to Your Word Bank
You can easily see all of them all in one spot.
With every word or phrase, you get the audio pronunciation, the translation...
and even the related lessons where they are introduced.
That way, you can review the words one by one.
If you'd like to study words with flashcards…
...just click on ""Sync to Flashcard Deck.
This will create a Flashcard deck of your Word Bank entries… for you to study.
4. How to Create Your Own Printable Vocabulary Worksheets.
If you want to have physical worksheets…
…and practice writing the words on paper
Then click on Printer Friendly version and print out your Word Bank entries
You can even export your Word Bank as PDF, CSV, or XML files.
Remember, you can use this powerful feature with Flashcards, Lessons, and Vocab Lists.
So, take advantage right now.
Save new words and phrases to your Word Bank with a single click.
Review them all in one spot and never forget them with the Word Bank feature.
But if you don't yet have access…
Sign up for a free lifetime account right now.
Just click the link in the description to get your free lifetime account.