Lesson Transcript

Learning a language can be tough because…
There's just so much to do.
There's grammar, reading, speaking, writing and so on.
But there is a way to learn and practice ALL 7 skills of a language, in one shot, without overwhelming yourself. And without having to split your attention across tons of books, apps, and programs.
How to Master the 7 Language Skills in One Shot, without Overwhelming Yourself
How? In this guide, you'll discover
One, The 7 language skills
Two, Why you don't have to learn each one skill one at a time.
And three, how to pick up each skill effortlessly… if you follow our specially designed learning pathway
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First, So, what are the 7 language skills?
They are… Speaking, listening, reading, writing, grammar, vocabulary, and culture
But, that's a lot to learn all at once…
Plus, resources cover only one or two skills at a time.
And that's why you'll see learners who are good at reading or translating words, but not so good at speaking and listening.
So, second, how can you learn and practice all 7 skills without overwhelming yourself?
With our learning program, it's just a matter of taking a quick 5 or 10-minute lesson.
When you sign up, you'll automatically get a learning pathway of lessons to follow.
Just play a lesson, and you'll hear a quick, practical conversation.
Then, our teachers slow it down and explain all the words, grammar rules, and cultural nuances inside.
So, already you're improving your listening skills and learning vocabulary, grammar, and culture.
And, if you shadow - or repeat what you hear - you start speaking as well.
You can also read along with the transcript, while you're taking the lesson. Which means you're practicing reading.
So you've already covered 6 of the 7 skills with one quick lesson, which only took you just a few minutes.
Once you're done with the lesson if you want more practice...
You can review the conversation, one line at a time, with the dialogue tool. Which helps with listening and reading.
Practice speaking the lines from the conversation, with the voice recording tool.
Review the grammar, cultural notes, and vocabulary with the lesson notes. And you can send the lesson vocabulary to your Word Bank or Flashcards to drill them later.
To practice writing, just leave a comment in the comments section, and our teachers will respond to you with feedback.
You can write out the lesson dialogue and vocabulary into a personal notebook.
And if you're a Premium PLUS user, you can practice writing with the help of your teacher.
Now, after every few lessons, you'll get Multiple Choice Assessments
Which test you on listening, reading, grammar, and vocabulary.
And Hand-Graded assessments, which test you on speaking and writing.
And the goal of these assessments is to test you on what you've learned in the last few lessons, so that you can practice the language, and so you don't forget what you've learned.
So, if you just follow the learning pathway, and take the lessons, you can easily learn and practice all 7 language skills.
But first, if you don't yet have access to our language program…
Sign up for a free lifetime account right now.
Just click the link in the description.