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Want to learn your target language in 10 minutes a day or less?
Mastering a language does take some time…
But, you can learn in just 10 minutes a day… if you have the right resources.
5 Easy Ways to Learn in Under 10 Minutes a Day
And in this guide, you’ll discover…
One, Why Learning in Small Chunks of Time is the Best Approach, if You Want to Become Fluent
And Two, The 5 Resources You Can Use to Learn the Language Fast.
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So, how can you learn a language in 10 minutes or less?
Well, first, you need resources that help you learn in small chunks of time. And once you can put in a few minutes a day, every day. Then you'll have a strong learning routine. You'll finally be consistent, and this consistency will carry you to fluency in the long run.
And if 10 minutes isn’t enough, you can easily add more time once you have that learning routine.
So, if you're a beginner who dreams of becoming fluent and if you don't yet have a learning routine going then be sure to apply these tips.
Now, what kind of resources help you learn in 10 minutes or less?
Number One: Our FREE Word of the Day Email Lessons
Actually, this will only take you 1 or 2 minutes at most.
Every day, you get a new word sent directly to your email.
And all you have to do is check the meaning, hear the pronunciation and review the example sentences.
This is an effortless way to boost your vocabulary in no time at all.
Number Two: Our 3-15 Minute Language Lessons
If you're learning with our system…
You get audio and video lessons by real teachers that are just a few minutes long.
And in those few minutes you…
1. Hear a practical conversation
2. Get every word and grammar rule explained
3. Have the conversation repeated several times, just to help it stick
And 4. Learn some cultural tips related to the lesson
So, for those few minutes, you get the best possible return for your time.
You learn vocabulary, grammar, conversation, culture… improve your listening,
And you can practice speaking if you repeat along… and reading if you read along with the lesson notes.
Number Three: Drill Words with Our Flashcards
If you want to boost your vocabulary and speak more…
You can take those few minutes and drill vocabulary with our Spaced Repetition Flashcards.
A study session could be anywhere from 3 to 7 minutes long, depending on how words you need to review.
Just look for Flashcards in the vocabulary drop-down menu on the site.
Number Four: Learn with our PDF Conversation Cheat Sheets
If you want to spend a few minutes mastering words and phrases around a specific topic like… weather or talking family
Then check out our PDF Conversation Cheat Sheets.
You can download these to your phone or print them and read through whenever you have a few spare minutes.
Just look for our occasional cheat sheet emails when you join our learning system.
And Number Five: Practice Writing with our Free Writing Worksheets
You can print these out and spend 10 minutes writing words out.
With these worksheets, you get words and phrases for common topics like introducing yourself, must-know adjectives, and more.
Again, to get these worksheets, you'll need to be on our email list.
We email out these worksheets several times a month.
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