Lesson Transcript

Want to completely understand everything in your target language?
In this guide, You'll learn the Top 10 Ways to improve your listening skills... with our lessons. Let’s begin!
Number one: Take your very first lesson.
The best way to practice listening is... to just start listening!
Expose yourself to native speakers as much as possible.
So, access any audio or video lesson on the site.
And press the play button to get started.
You can take the lessons on the site or on the app while you’re on the go.
Don't have an account? Don't worry!
Just go to the sign up page to create an account. It takes less than 30 seconds and it's FREE.
Then click on the play button on any lesson and start learning.
Number two: Slow the lesson down
Now, if a conversation is too fast for you…
...simply adjust the playback speed in the lesson control bar...
...and listen to it again at a slower speed.
This will help you understand every word.
Another way to pick apart every word that you hear is...
Number three: Read along as you listen!
Just read along as you listen, and you’ll never miss a word.
You can read along with the Lesson Notes or Lesson Transcript that come with every lesson.
The Lesson Notes give you the dialogue...
...the translations...
...and in-depth grammar tutorials.
The Lesson Transcript is the full, word-for-word transcript of everything you hear.
You can also read along with the Dialog Study Tool...
...which gives you the line-by-line breakdown of the conversation...
...including the audio and translations.
Number four: Listen to the line-by-line breakdown...
...with the very same Dialog Study Tool.
What makes this tool so powerful is... you can listen to each line individually...
...and replay it as much as you want until you understand every single word.
This is useful for mastering fast conversations that you would miss otherwise
Number five: Listen to the Dialog Track
The dialog track gives you the conversation of that lesson, in the target language only. No translations.
And you have this tool in every audio lesson.
Listen to it and see how much you can understand.
Number six: Download the dialog tracks and make a playlist
This is a great immersion tactic.
Download the tracks to your computer or mobile device.
Then, play them on a loop to immerse yourself in the language...
...and improve your listening skills.
Each track is only about 10 to 30 seconds, so it won’t take you long.
Number seven: Play the vocabulary Slideshow
You get the slideshow study tool with all of our audio lessons and vocabulary lists.
Click on “Start slideshow” and sit back and listen.
You can also play it on loop and immerse yourself in the language.
Number eight: Get Listening Assignments from Your Premium PLUS teacher
You can also get assignments covering reading, writing, speaking, and even listening from your teacher.
These assignments can be tailored to your goals and needs.
You can get a new one every week...
...Or anytime you are ready for a new one.
Number nine: Take the Listening Comprehension Lessons
These lessons are designed to test your listening skills.
You’ll hear a dialogue in the target language, and based on the dialogue, you’ll be asked to answer a question to check if you understood.
There are no translations here except for the subtitles.
Read along with the subtitles to understand everything.
Number ten: Get Even More Lessons in the Lesson Library
If you want EVEN more lessons... from absolute beginner level to advanced...
Then visit our Lesson Library
You get instant access to all of the pathways and lessons...
...that will help you master all areas of the language, including listening.
And... if you’re ready to finally learn language the fast, fun and easy way...
And start speaking from your very first lesson...get our complete learning program...
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I'll see you next time. Bye~!