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Okay, today’s topic is…
How to write 1,000 words in your target language... in a 5 Minutes a Day
First we look at The Super Simple Tactic for Practicing Writing,
Second: The Language Learning Benefits of Writing, and
Third learn How to Write 1000 Words with a Free Study Tool.
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Ok, let’s jump into today’s topic:
How to write 1,000 words in your target language... in a 5 Minutes a Day
So, what’s the best way to practice writing and improve? The language learning technique we’ll talk about today is very simple; copying (and writing) lines into a notebook.
This is easy to implement, and will take you only 5 minutes. So, let’s talk about what makes this technique so powerful.
First: It’s super easy to do. Copying out lines, say from a textbook or an article, takes no thinking whatsoever. No writer’s block. You don’t have to worry about what to write. If you want to practice writing, this is the easiest thing to do. You can do it any time of day. It’s a skill you can practice on your own.
Second: Writing helps you retain information. Why? Because the more you interact with the language, the better you remember it. So, when writing out words, you’re focused on them and you’re reading them at the same time. This helps the information stick in your mind.
Third: You learn new words, phrases, and grammar indirectly. If you come across new words as you practice with this technique, writing them out will help you remember them.
Fourth: You indirectly improve your speaking and reading skills as well. By copying out lines (including lines with new words and phrases), you improve other areas of the language, not just writing.
Fifth: It’s valuable language output practice. You need equal amounts of input (reading and listening) and output (speaking and writing) to truly master a language. Writing is the perfect way to practice output.
And Sixth is a tactic that works so well that it’s a practice among writers, novelists, and even people in advertising. Imitate great writers by copying out what your favorite writers have written, word for word. By doing this, you get used to a certain style of writing. And the same goes for language. You get used to it.
So, how do YOU apply these tactics? What can you do? gi
Now, we’re not suggesting you write 1,000 words in 1 day. Rather, you can do it in 1 month! By spending 5 minutes a day.
So here’s how.
First, Download the Free Daily Dose of Language App for the iPhone, iPad or Android. Why? You’ll get a free mini-lesson daily with text that you can copy out. You’ll also get daily reminders about your lessons, so this will keep you on track. Find a new lesson every day! Today might be a phrase. Tomorrow may be a culture lesson. Then, a grammar lesson. But with each one, you’ll get sample sentences.
You’ll receive a daily reminder telling you a new lesson is available. Open up the lesson, read through it, and copy out the sample sentences.
And that’s it! You’re done for the day. This takes 5 minutes (or less). The next day, repeat the process. Open up the free lesson and copy out the lines.
To reach 1,000 words in one month, you need to write about 35 words a day. It’s as simple as copying the lines. Through this, you’ll learn more words and phrases, and will practice grammar. It will help you to remember the things you’ve already studied.
You’ll directly improve your writing skills and will indirectly improve your reading and speaking skills.
You can do all of this with the free daily lessons sent by the Daily Dose App. It’ll keep you on track with daily reminders.
You can apply this tactic with any other resource too, whether it’s your own textbook or online articles. You can also use our lesson notes or the dialogue study tool.
Give it a try and let us know how it works out.
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