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About Swedish

The Swedish Language is a member of the Nordic family of languages, including Norwegian, Icelandic, and Danish. The Nordic languages are part of the Germanic subset of the Indo-European languages. Swedish, along with the other Nordic languages, have very interesting and rich histories, as they were the languages spoken by the Vikings as far back as the tenth century. Whether you simply want to speak the language of the warriors, want to broaden your knowledge, or if you want to travel around a very beautiful area of Europe, there are plenty of reasons to learn how to speak Swedish.

Swedish is the official language of Sweden of course, but it is also the second official language of Finland. By learning how to speak Swedish, it then becomes much easier to also learn any of the other Nordic languages. Even if you do not decide to purse fluency in the other language, with knowledge of the Swedish language, it will become much easier to understand speakers of the related languages.

Speakers of English often find Swedish an easier foreign language to learn because the Swedish vocabulary looks quite similar to the English vocabulary. The two share many of the same words. However, some of the words have the same meaning, while others do not. So, you must be very careful when learning the definitions for Swedish words. For example, the word “dog” in Swedish actually means “died” in English. You can see how this could cause some misunderstandings if you did not understand your Swedish vocabulary well.

The Swedish language is also known for its beautiful tone and rhythm. People speaking with a Swedish accent or pronunciation often sound as if they are singing a song. The low and high tones of the pronunciation of Swedish words are not indicated when the words are written. Carefully studying and listening to the language is the only way to learn these rules.

If you are looking for a unique and beautiful new language to learn, or if you are planning to travel to Sweden or Finland, Swedish is an excellent choice. If you are interested in learning the language, it is absolutely possible, and not extremely difficult if you find language-learning resources that are helpful. The best way to learn the Swedish language is by finding an educational program, most likely online, that will allow you to practice reading, writing, and pronouncing the language on a regular basis.