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Swedish Culture

Unlike visiting Africa, a trip to Sweden will not bring about a big culture shock to most Westerners. Sweden is a contemporary country with numerous attractions for visitors to appreciate. The Swedish culture has made many noteworthy contributions to the modern world including music, literature, fashion, and food. Should you visit Sweden, learning the Swedish language will only serve to make your trip more pleasant, although with everything the country has to offer how could you not enjoy yourself?

Swedish pop bands such as ABBA, The Cardigans, and Ace of Base, are known worldwide for their likable lyrics and catchy tunes, but if you really want to immerse yourself in Swedish culture try listening to traditional folk music instead. This type of music is popular in Sweden and often utilizes traditional instruments and Swedish language chanting. It can be a welcome break from the norm, and listening to music in its native language can even help you learn how to speak Swedish.

Another way to learn the language, outside of your regular lessons, is through reading Swedish literature. There have been seven Nobel prizes in literature awarded to Swedish authors. Why not try reading one of these books in the Swedish language? Or try reading a romantic Swedish poem while sitting in a quiet park in Stockholm. It’s a guaranteed way to make learning how to speak Swedish more fun.

Swedish culture is also steeped in the fashion world. A large city like Stockholm is a great place to watch people and learn Swedish at the same time. You will see many fashionistas walking by, and may even get some inspiration for your own closet back home.

One of the best reasons for visiting Sweden is the food. Sweden is well-known for its fish, meatballs, lingonberry syrup, pancakes, and potato dishes. Because of its large immigrant population there are also more exotic restaurants serving all types of international cuisine. You will not go hungry when visiting this country.

Learning how to speak Swedish can make a visit to Sweden more memorable and entertaining. You will be able to easily get around the country and talk to the locals if you already know the language. You can learn a lot of it while on vacation, but it’s better to listen to a Swedish podcast and get the feel for the language and culture beforehand. Once you’re there all you need to do is sit-back, relax, and enjoy your new surroundings.