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Why learn Swedish? Here are 10 great reasons.


Are you wondering why so many people now choose to study Swedish? Or maybe you’ve started studying this beautiful language yourself, and need some extra motivation to keep you going on your language-learning journey…

Either way, you’ve come to the right place. Here, we’ll answer the question, “Why learn Swedish?” and discover all the benefits and advantages learning Swedish can bring into your everyday life.

Gotland, Sweden

Did you know, for example, that Swedish is the key to having easier access to all Scandinavian languages? This is because Swedish, Danish, and Norwegian are mutually intelligible, which means speakers of one language have little trouble understanding speakers of the others

If you’re a language-lover (or an admirer of all things Scandinavian), learning Swedish is the best way to start! 

So, let’s look at the main reasons to learn Swedish and discuss how speaking a foreign language will bring amazing benefits to your life.

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  1. Benefits of Learning a Foreign Language
  2. Personal and Professional Benefits
  3. Is it Easy?
  4. The Fastest Way to Learn Swedish

1. Benefits of Learning a Foreign Language

In today’s world, it’s becoming more and more common to study a foreign language. Further, science is proving that doing so will not only impact your life on a personal and professional level, but it can also improve your health and general wellbeing.

In this light, let’s look at our first three reasons to learn Swedish (or any other foreign language, for that matter!). 

Reason 1: It will open your mind.

Spending time studying an unfamiliar alphabet, practicing different sounds, and generally striving to master a foreign language like Swedish has proven to have a positive effect on the learner’s mind.

People who are bilingual are often more open-minded, creative, and approachable compared to those who only speak one language. This is because, by learning a new language, one not only picks up new skills and abilities, but also develops new tastes and sensibilities that will change the way they see and interact with the world. 

Being able to speak more than one language will make you more aware of other cultures and customs as well as more open to understanding different lifestyles and ideas. 

Basically, studying Swedish (or another language!) will make you a better version of yourself, and add new layers and nuances to your personality and the way you experience life. Sounds like a good personal investment, doesn’t it?

Reason 2: You’ll gain access to a whole new world.

Not many people realize that speaking another language not only allows one to communicate with a whole new portion of the world population, but it also opens up new content in all fields. 

Knowing Swedish, you’ll be able to enjoy a whole new world of movies, books, recipes, and anything else that you’re interested in!

Diving into your hobbies in the language you’re learning is also a great way to practice and keep your motivation high for reaching your language learning goals. 

Are you a literature-lover? Reading books in their original version will be priceless! 

Do you love cooking and experimenting in the kitchen? Just head to a Swedish food blog and surprise your friends with a Scandinavian-inspired dinner…all while practicing and learning about the Swedish language and culture! 

And the list is endless, so go on and explore all the new content that’s now available to you thanks to your new language skills!

Reason 3: It will improve your brain health.

As we mentioned above, learning a foreign language improves creativity and can make you more approachable and open-minded…but it doesn’t end there! Many studies are now showing that it also enhances problem-solving abilities and multitasking skills, and being multilingual can go as far as delaying the onset of diseases like Alzheimer’s and dementia by years.

White Sketch of a Brain against a Black Background

If you want your brain to be healthy, just choose a foreign language you’d like to study and get on with it. It’s really that simple. 

Bilingual people have proven to be more logical, perceptive, and aware of their surroundings, and science is now proving that thinking in more than one language may increase our number of neural pathways. This means that we’ll be able to process information better and more efficiently.

What are you still waiting for? Learning Swedish will actually improve your brain health and function!

2. Personal and Professional Benefits

If you’re looking for more concrete, short-term reasons to learn Swedish, don’t fret: There are many more coming. In fact, learning a foreign language like Swedish will give you great advantages after just a few months of studying… Here’s how!

Reason 4: Learning Swedish will give you more travel opportunities.

Of course, many people want to be able to communicate in Swedish to travel to…well, Sweden.

Sure, Swedes usually speak good English and you can get by visiting their country without knowing a word of Swedish. However, personal experience has taught me that being able to communicate with the locals in their native language is always better.

Helsingborg, Sweden

Not only will you be able to travel safely and without misunderstandings, but you’ll also delight in unique experiences and adventures that you would probably miss out on only knowing English. Trust me, if you’re planning to travel in or move to Sweden, knowing even just some words in the language will make your trip even more unforgettable. 

Plus, remember that knowing Swedish will make it easier to travel around Scandinavia in general, and not just in Sweden!

Reason 5: It will come in handy for life and business.

Sweden is one of the world’s top-rated places to live. And with free healthcare, free (and great!) education for all ages, and high salaries, it’s no wonder why. 

In the past few years, many expats have decided to call Stockholm home and have no regrets. It goes without saying that, if you’re thinking of joining their ranks, learning Swedish is a must.

Business People Discussing Something in a Business Meeting

If you’re not quite ready to move to Sweden just yet, but would like to start a business here (or anywhere in Northern Europe), it’s still important to be able to communicate with the local communities in their native language. 

It will not only make things easier, but it will also show your drive and willingness to learn in order to make your business take off. 

Reason 6: You’ll be better able to dive into the culture.

If you visit or live in Sweden, not speaking the language will always leave you feeling somehow left out. 

Only by learning how to understand and speak Swedish will you really be able to dive into the culture and become part of the local community. Your life will literally change once you start learning Swedish, and for the better!

As they say, language is a window into culture. Speaking Swedish will certainly help you understand the people who speak it natively, their history, and their customs on a deeper level—knowledge that would not be accessible to you if you only spoke English! 

Reason 7: It will help you be a bridge between cultures.

If, like many of us, you want to work towards creating a more connected and understanding world, being able to speak Swedish will allow you to use your skills as a bridge between cultures

Nowadays, the world is in great need of people who can help others understand different ways of life and habits, and being bilingual is the perfect way to help fill that missing connection.

3. Is it Easy?

Actually, the answer is yes! You didn’t expect this, did you? 

If you still aren’t sure why to learn Swedish, consider the fact that doing so will be a great investment of your time and your efforts will be rewarded quickly.

Reason 8: It’s easy to pick up.

If you’re a native English speaker (or a non-native speaker who knows the language quite well), you’re in luck. Swedish is quite an easy language to pick up for us Anglophones.  

The two languages share a similar structure, grammar, and even a good percentage of vocabulary from the same roots. After all, both Swedish and English are Germanic languages, and so are Norwegian and Danish. Which brings up our next reason… 

Reason 9: It will make learning other languages easier.

As we already mentioned, Swedish will open the doors to a much easier experience learning Norwegian and Danish. If you’re planning to learn any other Scandinavian languages, Swedish is a great place to start. 

However, the benefits of studying Swedish don’t end there: The skills you learn when learning a foreign language can easily be applied to any other language, even if it’s a completely different one.

Reason 10: The internet and technology make it so easy.

A Laptop and Several Tablets

Imagine deciding to learn Swedish even just 30 years ago. You would have to go look for a bookshop specialized in language learning and buy at least a few pounds worth of books. 

Nowadays, things are different. The internet and technology have revolutionized how we study and practice foreign languages, and it’s now easier than ever to access all kinds of content, wherever you are in the world. 

So, take advantage of the amazing times we live in and start learning Swedish today!

4. The Fastest Way to Learn Swedish

Speaking of high-quality and accessible language learning content, make sure you visit SwedishPod101.com if you’re studying Swedish. 

Here, you’ll find audio and video lessons for all levels, incredibly useful vocabulary lists, and all kinds of resources to help you become fluent faster. 

If your plan is to travel around Sweden, don’t miss our travel survival course, which will allow you to make the most of your trip and remain safe while abroad.

On the other hand, if you’re committed and want to become an advanced Swedish speaker—whether for professional or personal reasons—make the commitment and start studying and practicing with us every day for excellent resources and expert language learning tips and strategies. 

Before you go, we would love to hear from you. How close are you to a decision about Swedish? Do you still have any questions or concerns? Let us know in the comments, and we’ll do our best to help you out!

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